Galaxy Adventure - THE WAR FOR HUMANITY
After a vicious attack on Planet Earth by the Glorgon forces in the “Battle of the Solar System”, Earth had reached a critical state: Almost all of its resources were used to fend off the Glorgonites. After suffering defeat, the Glorgonites called on their most feared warriors: THE WORLD ENDERS 👾
THE WORLD ENDERS (Colossus and Hedes - 3) were feared throughout the universe for their bloodthirsty regime: To capture and TERRAFORM planets to make them habitable for their species: The Glorgonites. Humans had no other option but to venture out into the unknowns of their galaxy to look for alternative power sources, defeat THE WORLD ENDERS, and save our planet.
The World Nations Organization agreed to join forces and send their 3 best field operatives: The Vindicators 🥷 (Kat, Jax and Ray). Their mission: to search for the mythical CRYPTONIAN Crystals 🔮, rumored to generate limitless power. With these crystals, they could end the war by opening a portal to the Glorgon system, and forcing the enemy to retreat.
After reaching planet Crypton in the Venutian system, the Vindicators found the Cryptonian Crystals with relative ease. The team returned back to earth with the spoils, only to find out that the crystals had a unique gamma signature which had started broadcasting its location across the multiverse 🌌.
The vindicators found themselves in the fight ⚔️for their lives, with bounty hunters and inter – galactic warriors all looking for a way to get their hands on those crystals. Help Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fight ⚔️through multiple enemies and defeat THE WORLD ENDERS. 🔥🔥🔥