Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Ray, Kat and Jax. Chartered by the WORLD NATIONS ORGANIZATION to retrieve the CRYPTONIAN crystals from the Crypton system, and to fight the war against the Glorgonites and defeat the WORLD ENDERS.

Major General Katana "ASSASSIN" Lee (KAT)

The only female Shaojiang (Major General) in the entire history of the Empire's Army. Daughter of the Great King Lee, she was his closest advisor, and the best damn soldier in the Empire. Close range combat specialist with DEADLY STRIKE capabilities. Calculated and ruthless, she is known for her 'Cold-as-Steel' treatment of the enemy, no matter which galaxy they are from.
  • Class: Assassin
  • Weapons: Dagger, .50 AE Desert Eagle pistol
  • Personality Traits: Unsympathetic, Ruthless, Calculated
  • Skills / In-Game Abilities: Quick and evasive, medium damage with a high probability for a DEADLY STRIKE.
Major General Katana "ASSASSIN" Lee (KAT)

Colonel Jackson "RAMPAGE" Mombasa (JAX)

A highly trained mercenary, Jax is known to RAMPAGE through his enemies using powerful close-range attacks. His power increases as the fight goes on. He is the definition of brutality. Known as the strongest man throughout this Solar System and Parsec.
  • Class: Mercenary - Heavy Infantry Division
  • Weapons: Tungsten Hammer, Dagger, Heavy Melee Weapons.
  • Personality Traits: Front-Line Leader, Strong influence on team mates.
  • Skills / In-Game Abilities: Strong TANK properties with high HP. Medium damage.
Colonel Jackson "RAMPAGE" Mombasa (JAX)

Captain Felix "DEAD SHOT" Reyes (RAY)

Captain Felix "DEAD SHOT" Reyes (RAY): Ex US Navy Seal, Long range weapons specialist with tactical expertise. He is known throughout the galaxy for his headshot : RAY does not miss. A ladies' man, but don't let that fool you : this is the soldier you want on your side.
  • Class: Navy Seal
  • Weapons: AR-15 (Modified) Long Range Heavy Machine Gun
  • Personality Traits: Tactical expert, Long range weapons expert, confident and funny.
  • Skills / In-Game Abilities: Medium – High damage, medium HP.
Captain Felix "DEAD SHOT" Reyes (RAY)


Alien Species from the Glorgon System of planets, 25 Parsecs from the Earth.