Renouncing Roadmap

Beside being delighted to be the first fully decentralized NFT game in the crypto world, we are aware of how important it is to provide details of our renouncing process. We will strictly follow the roadmap described below:
  1. 1.
    Tokenomics: Currently, the GLA Team is holding roughly 314.7 million GLA and 3600 Chest NFTs. Those tokens will be handled as follows:
    • 280 million GLA (28% of MaxSupply) will be burned permanently (sent to 0x00dead):
      • From Oct 12 to Oct 20, 2021: burn all ~90 million GLA in our dev wallet, 10 million each day. Those are revenue from selling NFTs and swapping fees.
      • Oct 18, 2021: Our 139,492,956 GLA will be unlocked from DxLock, and burned immediately.
      • Oct 21, 2021: burn 50 million GLA.
    • 30 million GLA (with the corresponding amount of BNB) will be added to the liquidity pool of the GLA-BNB pair (this action will NOT affect GLA price!)
    • 4.7 million GLA (bought back previously) + GLA bought back later (specific date & amount TBD) + 3600 Chest NFTs: will be used to reward any support and contributions to the GLA community. Show your contributing proof to our admins and part of this fund will be yours!
    • GLA locked in the seed sale and whitelist rounds will still be claimable as planned. Rest assured, your investments are safe.
    • Oct 20, 2021: Open GLA Staking pool
    • Oct 21, 2021: Open Hero Staking pool
    • Oct 22, 2021: Renounce our ownership of and open source all smart contracts: the ERC-20 GLA token contract, the NFT Hero/Item/Market contracts, etc. From this day onwards, the GLA team will become normal adventurers, part of the community like all of you. We no longer have any privileges!!!
  2. 2.
    Plans to buy back GLA and add liquidity pool: details will be announced AFTER they are done, to avoid profiteering schemes.
  3. 3.
    After the renouncement (from Oct 23, 2021 onwards):
    • GLA revenues from game activities (buy/sell NFTs on Store/Marketplace) will be transferred to Play2Earn pool.
    • Swapping fees on PancakeSwap (2% for buying and 5% for selling) will be burned (sent to 0x00dead) every month.
    • The game will still be available 24/7 for years to come, and we will cover all domain-hosting costs!
    • We will keep developing game features that do not require contract ownership, launching some marketing campaigns to support the community.
Our team has had the pleasure of bringing this project from a concept to its current state. We are extremely happy to continue the adventure with all of you!
The GLA Team