Galaxy Adventure


Let's Get Started!

1️⃣ Purchase a Hero from our online Marketplace;
2️⃣ Import into the game;
3️⃣ You are all set! Get ready to play and earn!
Gameplay Demo available here:

How do I purchase Heroes / Items?

You can purchase heroes at base state (LEVEL 1, STAR 1) for GLA 7000 at Store. Alternatively, you can visit Marketplace to buy heroes listed by other users.
For game items such as Gems, Cores and Chests, buy them at Store.

How do I get In-game support?

Join the community for any help you might need, also for tips and learning new tricks. Our community is also a fantastic way of meeting like minded people!

How much rewards can I earn by playing GLA?

When your hero battle a monster, even if they lose, 5 EXP will be rewarded. If they win, you will earn GLA token and your hero's EXP will increase sharply. Those rewards depends on the hero's level, star and the monster level. More details can be found HERE.

What is the status of Doxxing for this project?

"In Code We Trust" is the motto we follow with conviction.

Is my money safe? Can the smart contracts be modified / altered?

Our smart contracts are time locked, which means that once the project launches, you can check our transactions and their validity for 48 hours. This level of transparency helps to prevent any unseen changes, as the time lock does not allow any changes to happen with the contract.. For any command that is executed from our end, the smart contracts lock themselves for 48 hours. During this time, the user can access the contract publicly to understand the transactions, and take appropriate action for their tokens according to their discretion. You can check the validity of the transactions here.